When in doubt, wear denim

5 ways to stay classy in your favorite pair of jeans

When it comes to ‘clothing for the occasion’, men don’t have any fancy guides or rule books to follow. They just have one simple rule – if it’s a formal event, you reach out for your suit. If it’s anything else, you reach out for your jeans. No mixing. No matching. Just making sure that the colors match with the jeans. No wonder, jeans have become a proud symbol of casual wear for Men’s Clothing. You can wear it to the college, to your Saturday nights parties, to your office, and even your Sunday brunches.

Hang on, did we just say office? Doesn’t office come under formal wear? Yes, it does. But in fashion, there’s no fun without breaking a few rules! Our point being, that we’ve reached an age where it’s finally acceptable to experiment with jeans at the office, and other formal events (blame it on the start-up & online revolution. Of course, you need to dress them up a bit. And we’ll teach you exactly how. Read on –

Blazers are your Jean’s new bestfriend

Got a dark pair of jeans in your wardrobe? Good. Make it the talk-of-the-town at your next formal event by pairing it with a grey, woollen-blazer. If woolens are not your thing, then a sharp trench-coat can do the trick. For Blazers have an amazing ability to dress-up any pair of jeans. They might be expensive, but there are a lot of trendy & affordable options available if you do Online Shopping these days. Try Reliance Trends.

Cotton cardigans are coming back

Trust jeans to make simple things like T-shirts for men look good. But try pairing it with some good ol’ cotton cardigans and watch it bring your formal wardrobe to life! If you go for sandy colors in your cardigans, then you can pair them with any of your dark, single-washed jeans. It adds a touch of elegance to your persona. Give your business suit a rest, and try this combination for your office for a comfy feeling.

Accessories are just as important

Your jeans & Blazers combo might be on point, but don’t forget the small details that complete the bigger picture. Yes, we’re talking about accessories. The wrong kind of shoes, belts or even watches can have a jarring effect, and ruin the attire. For belts, go for the slim variants in black or brown colors (no fancy buckles please!). Shoes can be a little tricky. If you’re wearing slim-fit jeans, try pairing them with bulky shoes. For blue jeans, sport a pair of brown, leather shoes. Black denim? No problem. Time to bring out your matte leather shoes.
The right fit makes the difference

Just a gentle reminder: Please don’t wear skinny jeans to any formal event (especially office)! For that matter, even baggy & loose jeans are a strict no-no. Go for the regular-fits or the slim-fits instead. Also, make sure the length of the jeans is perfect at the hems. It should sit perfectly in your shoes, without looking too long or too short.

Trust us, it’ll feel good to break out of the usual monotony of wearing suits to all formal events. Don’t get us wrong, a crisp suit is still a show-stopper. But sometimes, you need to break a few rules to make a statement, especially when it comes to men’s fashion. Still searching for the perfect pair of Jeans For Men? You’ll find exactly that and more at Reliance Trends. It’s all available online.





Who said men couldn’t care less in regards to form? They think as much about what they look like. All things considered, looking great means resting easy. When they figure out how to assemble an extraordinary look, who knows what number of hearts will they win!

Each man ought to be what he is. However, there are times when he totally neglects feel. At the point when his design sense is insignificantly unsuitable. Whenever hues, texture, and size go out the window. At the point when looks should be inconspicuous or overlooked. Men’s T-shirts with larger than usual blossoms, of various shapes. Pants for men that are excessively torn or too tight. There are times when men commit errors. From Mistakes.

1. Wearing Socks with Sandals:

This is a cardinal sin. It ransacks your footwear of its look and figures out how to get you a couple of cumbersome gazes. It’s more awful when these socks have designs on them. Men have gone ahead! Get it together.

2.  Jeans that are too long:

They simply hang by and frequent every one of us. Be that as it may, it’s justifiable. Your abdomen size and stature don’t generally coordinate. Be that as it may, it’s fundamental to get your jeans adjusted to fit your stature. Dependence Trends has an extraordinary gathering of Men’s Jeans! Make a point to purchase the correct size!

3. Sports Wear Everywhere!

Track Pants for Men are not to be worn with formal shirts, nor are they fit to be worn to work. Possibly eliminated the games shirts. Incorporate a couple of keen Men’s T-Shirts to your closet. Blend things up! Shop online for some incredible keen casuals on Reliance Trends!

4. Curiously large coats

No these are not a power proclamation! Shoulder braces that hang from your shoulders, sleeves that are too enormous, and coats that are free are a major no! Fitting is everything with regards to putting forth a design expression. Dependence Trends has a variety of coats and coats to fit your needs! Purchase online today!

5. An excessive number of Accessories

Decorating is not a wrongdoing. Be that as it may, before you wear that handkerchief with your jacket, reconsider. Wear embellishments, yet the correct ones.

6. Short Sleeved Shirt with a Tie:

This is real design bubble. And furthermore, genuinely normal. Numerous in the corporate division commit this error liberally. In some cases, intentionally. All things considered, it’s a great opportunity to stop. Full sleeved shirts for men are the correct decision when a tie is included. Look at full sleeved shirts accumulation from NETWORK by Reliance Trends!

7. Low quality

Fake leather is an awesome illustration – it looks like it, yet it will never be the genuine article.

You’ll never spare by purchasing garments that are of a poor make. Regardless of the possibility that they look awesome. Since when they don’t last you are at a misfortune. There’s nothing more needed than one round of clothing to appear. Be it Men’s Jeans, Track pants (they can tear so effortlessly) or T-shirts for men, quality is King. Best quality and best offers, just on Reliance Trends! Shop online today!

Along these lines, men, it’s the ideal opportunity for some reflection. Possibly your closet could utilize some improving this end of the week!