A guide to finding the perfect pair of jeans online

Cowboys wore it, and so did all the biggest movie stars. Daily wagers wore it, and so did a lot of presidents across the globe.  Guys wear it with pride and so do girls with equal grace. For that’s the beauty of the apparel Levi Strauss patented way back in 1871.

Fast forward 146 years and jeans are still the most iconic apparel that is a part of every wardrobe, especially when it comes to men. For its more than just another piece of clothing for men. It is THE go-to apparel for any occasion. It matches with shirts. It goes with coats. It complements tees. It suits everything. And that’s why every man’s wardrobe shopping needs to start & stop with a good pair of jeans.

With a plethora of options available online, it only seems to get easier for men to find their perfect pair of jeans. But unlike other clothes, a good pair of jeans is meant for the long run. And that’s why you should keep a few tips in mind while shopping for jeans online:

When in doubt, go for a smaller size

Having difficulty selecting between two sizes? Go for the smaller one. Guys have a habit of going for larger sizes. But a large size often ruins the look, putting bulk where there is none. A shorter size, on the other hand, can always loosen out, and maybe, even give you the motivation to trim down a few pounds as well!

Confused between shades? Pick the darker one

Lightly shaded jeans are cool, but darker shades bring out the best in any attire. Wear it with a casual men’s tshirt in the morning, or pair with a light shirt and a tie; you’ll never look out of place. Darker shades also look good in the corporate atmosphere, if paired with the right shirts for men.

Shop for the occasion

Stop trying to find jeans that match your body type. Instead, try buying jeans that cater to specific occasions. Relaxed evening out with the boys? Go for a classic straight fit. Need a comfy denim for the office floor? Go for slim fits (not to be confused with skinny jeans). You can also match your slim fits with a nice polo t-shirt for men, and make the most of a semi-formal event.

Don’t overthink!

You’ve got to put some trust on your online retailer. Just take 5 minutes to analyze your size, your color preference, and the occasion you want to wear it for, and you’re sorted! Leave the rest to your online retailer to deliver you the perfect jeans you’ve been looking for.

For it pays to find yourself an online retailer and stick with it for the long run. Maybe try Reliance Trends! We’ve got an amazing collection of jeans for men, and all the perfect shirts, tee, hoodies, jackets that complement them. Come take a look for an evolved online shopping experience.